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Beautiful, natural, undetectable. A smile that is distinctly you. We’ve seen first-hand the impact our work has had in the lives of our patients. Your smile can bring out the beauty in yourself, the beauty in others, and your smile can change the world. Every service at RCC Dental is carefully approached to be as undetectable and natural looking as possible. Whether we’re working on your front-most tooth or your furthest back molar, you can count on us to make it blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

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Dr Ranganath is a well-established dentist in the heart of Bangalore providing excellent dentistry for the whole family. Our priority is making you feel comfortable and at ease in a safe and welcoming environment.

Clinically proven to brighten the toughest stains, our whitening system can help you get that extra boost of confidence. We offer at-home or in-house whitening options.
Braces are dental tools that help correct problems with your teeth, like crowding, crooked teeth, or teeth that are out of alignment.
A dental crown is a “full coverage” restoration of your existing tooth that completely replaces the damaged or decayed tooth structure with superior structural integrity and life-like appearance.
Dental bridges are effective cosmetic treatments that can provide beautiful results while helping to improve speaking, chewing, and a variety of other problems associated with missing teeth.
Veneers are thin, decorative coverings laid over your natural teeth, used to conceal a variety of imperfections such as chips, cracks, stains, gaps and alignment issues, and worn or disproportionate teeth.
Dental Implants
A titanium post is surgically implanted into the jaw just below the gum line. This allows the dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge without having to anchor it to the teeth on either side.
Cosmetic dental bonding is a minimally invasive treatment that can help improve the appearance and function of teeth imperfections such as gaps, chips, and discolorations. Results are often long-lasting and often in a single visit.

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We are the best dental clinic in Ramamurthy Nagar as we have best dentist of every specialization as well as more than 25+yrs of experience.

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General Dentistry

Tooth cleaning, dental check-up, scaling and polishing.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Fillings, whitening, porcelain and composite veneers, dentures.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction, gum surgery, gum grafting, TMJ/TMD.

Dental Implants

Single tooth implant, Zygomatic implant, All on 4.

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