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Filling a cavity is the most common dental procedure performed by the dentist. The process involves removing any decayed material from a tooth so that a protective layer of healthy enamel remains. In most cases, filling a cavity is relatively straightforward, but it may be necessary to remove more of the decay and make room for a filling.

A composite resin filling, also known as a restorative filling, is a material that combines tooth-colored fillers with a hardening substance. It is used to fill minor cavities, cracks and fissures, and is often recommended for minor tooth repairs.

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Fillings allow us to restore your teeth back to their proper shape and function after successfully removing all decay and sources of infection.

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Our Bangalore tooth filling service starts with a teeth cleaning as well as providing education to help you to understand what they are, if you need them, and what types of fillings we offer.

As a dental care provider of Ramamurthy nagar, we get asked a plethora of questions pertaining to fillings including which are our most popular, if they are safe, what the fillings are composed of, and which fillings we recommend for children.
As dentists serving the Bangalore community, we aim to help you decide which type of filling is best for you. Our fillings can last up to 15 years and our goal is to leave you with long lasting results that solve and prevent further problems.
There is no need to be scared.

Getting a filling can sound scary to some, but our process and the education that our patients go through helps to put them at ease, making you feel more comfortable. That is why we tell our patients: When it comes to tooth fillings, there is nothing to be afraid of. We have performed thousands of them and our dentists will answer any questions you have throughout the process.

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Asked Questions

How long does filling last in your teeth?

On average, you can expect a metal filling to last for about 15 years before needing to be replaced, but the length of time can vary based on several factors, such as if you grind or clench your teeth.

What are the 5 types of fillings?

Five Types Of Dental Fillings
The Classic: Amalgam Fillings.
Low Profile: Composite Fillings.
Putting On The Ritz: Gold Fillings.
Strong and Realistic: Porcelain Fillings.
Down To The Roots: Glass Ionomer Fillings.

Do teeth fillings hurt?

No. Your dentist will numb the area and use a numbing gel before injecting a local anesthetic known as Lidocaine. You may feel a bit of a sting, but that’s a reaction from the local anesthetic when it starts to block the nerve signals to stop the pain.

What is the best type of filling for teeth?

The best and most popular types of fillings are composite and porcelain fillings. Both of these options offer their own benefits for patients with cavities.

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Tooth cleaning, dental check-up, scaling and polishing.

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Fillings, whitening, porcelain and composite veneers, dentures.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction, gum surgery, gum grafting, TMJ/TMD.

Dental Implants

Single tooth implant, Zygomatic implant, All on 4.

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